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Therapy on the go!


While on a treadmill recently I listened to a podcast, reviewed my emails, and caught up on the family news with my sister.  As I looked around the gym I noticed I wasn’t the only one. Many people were multitasking while exercising and it made me think about how much technology has changed the way we perform our everyday tasks.  We have all adjusted to the convenience of having computers in our back pockets which has changed the way we do many things. As an online therapist I commonly work with people via a smartphone, tablet or a computer.  My [...]

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Find Something


I was inspired this week by a quote that read in part, “find something deep within yourself that is truly you and cling to it” I wasn’t initially sure why it was so inspiring or why it spoke to me but as I found myself repeatedly going back to re-read the quote, I began to ask myself a few questions. How do I look within myself? How do I know if I have found “something” that is “truly” me? What do I do with it once I find it? I tried not to make it a big thinking exercise (as [...]

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I’ve been thinking a lot about asking lately.  Asking for what you need from someone else. I don’t know about you but there are times when I seem to think I should get a badge of honor for going without what I need.  I recently heard myself say, “I’m finally asking because I’m desperate”. Why did I have to get desperate? The problem as I see it is we don’t want to feel vulnerable.  What if I ask and they say no? How terrible would I feel if I’ve managed to peel away my brave face and was told I [...]


A pit in my stomach…have I done the right thing?


Moving to another country was filled with many emotions, but for me excitement and anxiety were at the top of the list.  It was a slow build of excitement/anxiety in my belly as I moved toward the big day. Why do you suppose we experience anxiety when we are voluntarily moving?  Is it fear of the unknown or just excitement mixed with fear of change? For me I believe it was a bit of all that mixed with a sense of responsibility for our son and the huge change we were including him in.  It reminds me of the feeling [...]

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There’s no place like home?


In November of 2005, I left the United States and moved to London.  I can still remember the site of my house in Massachusetts getting smaller and smaller out the back of the taxi window on that early chilly morning.  Although I had been excited and motivated to move, I suddenly had a feeling of dizziness. As we were driving away from my Massachusetts ‘home’, another part of me was seemingly still inside that yellow house, struggling to catch up with the changes my body was making.  It was as if ‘me’, or aspects of ‘me’ were still in that [...]

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