Mental Health Coaching

Seize control of your life:
Are you ready to reclaim control over your narrative, define your true essence, and embrace a journey of transformation? Dr. Bonnie Wims offers Mental Health Coaching services tailored to guide you through this empowering process.

Embrace the Unknown, Learn, and Conquer.

True empowerment comes from within. Our coaching empowers you to make intentional choices aligned with your values, breaking free from the influence of external voices that may hinder your mental well-being. You will develop a growth mindset, allowing you to greet life with curiosity and taking action even when fear is present. Mental Health Coaching is a collaborative journey where YOU take center stage. Together, let’s rewrite the script of your life.

“The truth of you is not in what you are told or what you are taught, but rather the true nature of you is in what you choose.”

Dr. Bonnie Wims

Here Is What You Can Expect


Together we will become clear on your goals, decisions, and purpose

Skills Building

We will cultivate the tools needed to navigate challenges, foster personal growth and empower you to achieve your goals


We will transform intentions into tangible progress, propelling you towards your desired goals and fulfillment


As your potential is unlocked you will begin to shift how you see things and take clear steps toward what you want

Unmasking the Silent Saboteur:
How Negative Self-Talk Shapes Your Actions and Limits Success

Negative self-talk is that sneaky voice inside your head that undermines your confidence and self-worth. It’s the inner critic that highlights flaws, doubts, abilities, and magnifies mistakes. This harmful dialogue often limits potential and creates unnecessary barriers, influencing emotions and actions. It’s like a constant raincloud, casting shadows on achievements and fueling self-doubt. Over time, it can shape perceptions and hold you back from reaching your true potential, impacting mental well-being and hindering personal growth. Recognizing and challenging this negative self-talk is crucial to cultivating a more positive and empowering mindset.

What’s the difference between Coaching and Therapy?


  • Focus on Achieving Future Goals
  • Action-Oriented and Solution-Focused
  • Client as Expert; Collaborative Relationship
  • Short-Term, Practical, and Skill-Based


  • Focus on Healing and Understanding
  • Exploration of Past, Present, and Future
  • Therapist-Guided Reflective Process
  • Addresses Deeper Emotional Issues for Healing

Not sure if Coaching or Therapy is right for you? Book a free call with Dr. Bonnie and we will determine which is best for you.

This was a trap I was in for years:

  • Fear of trying new things
  • Focusing on the negative
  • Feeling unable to change
  • Feeling controlled by my emotions

I wasn’t always aware of what I said to myself but once I began to pay attention I realized the negative and critical internal voice was the road block to my behavior change.

You see I didn’t believe in myself and I was constantly telling myself that I wasn’t smart enough, creative enough or even pretty enough to realize my goals.

I believed that voice and it kept me trapped in unhappiness and fear.

It wasn’t until I began to notice that what I told myself everyday was a result of what had happened to me, did I begin to realize I could change that voice.

I challenged that voice.

I called that voice a liar.

I developed skills to quiet the mind, gain mastery over my emotions and my behavior changed.

I stepped out of the fear based living, and I began to realize my dreams.

Mental Health Coaching will help you build skills you need to realize your relationship goals, with yourself and others.

Improve communication skills

Build healthy boundaries

Mental clarity

Self confidence

The world awaits your full potential—only you possess the unique gift of being yourself. Envision stretching, growing, and achieving the seemingly impossible. Embrace being your best; both you and the world crave it.