How Healing Trauma Can Help Triumph in Your Business with Jennifer Dawn

Date: May 2, 2024 Duration: 35:02 min

We are not broken, we just need help to understand ourselves.


Jennifer Dawn is an expert business coach, creator of Best Planner Ever, author and podcaster. She very openly shares her story that started with a mix of trauma but also entrepreneurial creativity. Her childhood wounds affected her life, relationships and business. Jennifer discusses her experiences with trauma and abuse. Therapy helped her recognize and address these issues, leading to personal growth and healing. Her reason for going into therapy may seem a bit different, but it worked perfectly for her.


We are all coping. We all feel pain inside, but most of us push it deep down and try to walk through life like nothing happened.  However, the pain often shows up in things that are not always obviously connected with the pain and trauma. It’s unfortunate that getting therapy is stigmatized, as it is essential to healing our self talk, discomfort, and worries. Our mental health impacts various aspects of life, including things like business planning and organization skills. When we heal, we get new perspectives, new impacts in business and in life. Ultimately, a new us.


👩‍💼 Jennifer is a business coach who organized a retreat in Costa Rica, where Bonnie had an amazing experience. 01:55

😇 Personal development and mental health journey: Jennifer is advocating and talks very openly about her personal and mental challenges. 03:34

👧 Childhood trauma impacted Jennifer’s relationships: therapy helped her in fixing her issues, but the reason she went on it is a bit different than usual ones. 05:13

💣 Pressing bad things and trauma in: trauma gets out in harsh, fighting reactions to small things. 11:16

😥 Pushing through as coping mechanism: relationships showed something is not working well for Jennifer. 15:17

⚠️ Childhood wounds are real: not all got abused, but we just don’t admit we have pain inside. 17:03

🆚 Misunderstanding around anxiety: healing vs diagnosis. 18:20

🍀 Therapy changed Jennifer’s business as well: emotional intelligence show up in our actions. 21:17💭 The thoughts you tell yourself are very important to recognize and admit. 23:37

🤩 Find the right therapist and have intention to heal: don’t give up if you have bad experiences here and there. 26:03

🔑 Transformation Bonnie shares: being open is the key for all epiphanies in life.

🌹 When you heal, everything changes around you: new perspectives, relationships and new you. 32:26

🏖️ Retreats, coaching and all Jennifer is working on. 33:36

What Listeners Are Saying


Every month, I look forward to a new episode of Therapy Deconstructed. The way Bonnie weaves her own story through the episodes is captivating. She has a calm and nurturing voice, like the trusted friend you always turn to when you need solid advice. I always finish an episode feeling like she was talking directly to me.

Thomas MacInnes

As someone who had never gone to therapy, I found myself in a situation last year that was very sad, confusing and overwhelming for me and I was really unable to figure my way through it. I turned to Bonnie and she so graciously and effortlessly (seemingly) had so much empathy and compassion for my feelings and she truly helped me navigate getting my emotions and really my life back on track. I am very grateful for Bonnie and her wisdom, honesty, humor, candor but mostly for her compassion. I’m excited to listen to her podcast but would highly encourage anyone who is reading this to reach out to her. She really helped me and I am very thankful to have her in my corner.


Dr. Wims makes therapy digestible and even fun to learn about. Sometime therapy feels like a big mystery and something super intimidating, but she breaks it down make it feel more personal and helpful.


I’m pretty particular about what podcasts I’ll tune into, but this one was recommended so I decided to check it out. Bonnie is a natural at this – she offers thoughtful insights into our thoughts and emotions and why we humans fall into unhelpful patterns, then provides simple wisdom on how to reframe them. Big fan.

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