Navigating New Year Resolutions and Building Lasting Change

Date: Jan 3, 2024 Duration: 20:53 min

Progress is not achieved by sudden flight but by gradual steps of introspection, adaptation, and perseverance.

Together with Dr. Wims, let’s analyze the shortcomings of New Year’s resolutions, attributing their lack of success to unrealistic expectations and the absence of a structured plan for change.

By shedding light on James Clear’s concept of making 1% changes through consistent habits, she emphasizes the power of small, incremental shifts over grand but unsustainable transformations. She urges her listeners to recognize existing habits and strategically introduce new ones, creating an environment conducive to change. Instead of focusing on impossibly high-end goals, prioritize positive self-talk and gradual, attainable changes.

Encourage yourself to accept gradual changes, maintain a positive mindset, and persevere through setbacks, understanding that enduring transformation is a journey, not an instantaneous achievement.

🎉 New Year, new me: resolutions as a tool for changing our lives, but why are those not working? 01:06

🗓️ Social pressures and creating new habits: we don’t have a system, yet we hope for change.  04:20

🔑 Small shifts are essential for the breakthrough moment: 1-minute shifts and ice cube melting explanation. 05:39

💪 Encouraging yourself to make 1% change: the craving, response, reward.  09:07

🧱 Using stacking and combining things you love with new things: small ideas on how to make a system for a change. 10:31

🔍 We already have habits in our life, just notice them: the cue, craving, behavior, and reward. 12:37

🧠 Mental health change: look at your habits and how you are watching yourself. 14:50

📈 Gradual change for improvement: don’t get discouraged by the setbacks. 16:20

What Listeners Are Saying


Every month, I look forward to a new episode of Therapy Deconstructed. The way Bonnie weaves her own story through the episodes is captivating. She has a calm and nurturing voice, like the trusted friend you always turn to when you need solid advice. I always finish an episode feeling like she was talking directly to me.

Thomas MacInnes

As someone who had never gone to therapy, I found myself in a situation last year that was very sad, confusing and overwhelming for me and I was really unable to figure my way through it. I turned to Bonnie and she so graciously and effortlessly (seemingly) had so much empathy and compassion for my feelings and she truly helped me navigate getting my emotions and really my life back on track. I am very grateful for Bonnie and her wisdom, honesty, humor, candor but mostly for her compassion. I’m excited to listen to her podcast but would highly encourage anyone who is reading this to reach out to her. She really helped me and I am very thankful to have her in my corner.


Dr. Wims makes therapy digestible and even fun to learn about. Sometime therapy feels like a big mystery and something super intimidating, but she breaks it down make it feel more personal and helpful.


I’m pretty particular about what podcasts I’ll tune into, but this one was recommended so I decided to check it out. Bonnie is a natural at this – she offers thoughtful insights into our thoughts and emotions and why we humans fall into unhelpful patterns, then provides simple wisdom on how to reframe them. Big fan.

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