Perhaps we’ve been set up.
We women have been groomed to be of service to others.
So we take up that torch and we march into battle.
We cook, clean, nurture, wipe a tear, wash the clothes and keep a tidy house.
We learn to get fulfillment from these tasks.
We have to otherwise we would cry.
We train ourselves to get jazzed up about a clean toilet or a tidy kitchen.
We are the one who will comfort
We are the one who will listen
We put everyone’s needs in front of our own

We focus on what we can control because the bigger picture, well it just seems too big.

But then the kids grow up.
The house stays organized.
The husband grows distant.
The chores are all done
No one needs us anymore.

The problem rises up and fills our minds.
If my self worth is tied up in what I do for others.
And there are no longer others to care for…
What is my worth?

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